Gum Disease Receding Gums Treatment

How Gum Disease May Be Damaging Your Health And What To Do About It

Food eaten at dinner and before bedtime can also be responsible. Despite,  cookies,  cake and such starchy food along with milk and ice cream tend to breed harmful bacteria in mouth. Without proper cleaning these bacteria can easily convert into gum disease. Gum disease receding gums is now considered a serious health risk that many people do not even know they have! ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?

Because gum disease has now been implicated in a wide variety of health problems like heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes, it is critical that you understand how to deal with this problem.

Here Are Some Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Gum Disease Receding Gums: 

  • What is it? 
  • What causes it? 
  • How do I know if I have it?
  • Is it damaging my health right now?
  • And most importantly, how do I stop gingivitis and the associated health risks?

Here Are Some Facts You Should Know:

    • Up to 75% of adults have some level of gum disease
    • Gum disease and inflammation may increase your risk for major health problems like heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s
    • In the early stages gum disease is reversible, but at some point the damage becomes permanent
    • Many people do not know they have gum disease that is damaging their health
    • Dentists and patients have had difficulties stopping gum disease in spite of decades of trying.

Gum Disease Receding Gums Treatment

Here is the solution: You simply must do something different than what you’ve always done if you want to eliminate the health risks from gum disease receding gums.

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If gum disease kept untreated for a prolonged period, it results in tooth loss as the bacteria destroy the tissues and bones surrounding the teeth. Natures Smile Gum Balm for people looking to salvage money on dental care services.

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Remember, Gum disease receding gums should not be ignored else it will transform into many serious oral health complications. Almost 70 percent of the world population suffers from sort of dental problems. Hence it is vital to maintain healthy dental habits as well to treat dental problems as soon as they arise. 

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Scoliosis is a condition where an individual has side-to-side spinal curves along with normal curves due to which the lower portion of the back tends to curve inwards. This is a condition that has got numerous treatments but Yoga For Scoliosis is considered the best treatment. Yoga means union or yoke. It is ancient physical, spiritual and mental practice which has been practiced in India for 5000 years now. Different yoga postures can effectively be combined with breathing alertness for developing structural alignment and for creating symmetrical alignment. Through yoga, an individual can get hold of the balance point which allows scoliosis curves to easily coexist with gravity and this automatically activates the natural plumb line of the body.Healing Scoliosis by the Use of Yoga


Choosing Yoga For Scoliosis requires inner awareness and commitment. It is very empowering and it gives people the hope that they can at least do something for improving their condition as well their quality of life. The spine of a human being is made of numerous vertebrae protecting and supporting the spinal cord. These are the set of bones that give people the ability to stand straight. If the spinal curvature of an individual is more than ten degrees to the back or front or left or right, he could be suffering from scoliosis. Scoliosis can be very painful and it even restricts the movement capabilities of an individual. Surgery is the most popular option among people who suffer from this condition but they are also suggested on looking for other corrective measures prior to going for a surgery. Yoga is considered one of the corrective measures for sufferers of scoliosis.


Most of the body weight of an individual is borne by the spine and therefore the spine always remains under stress. This stress further worsens the pain in case of scoliosis. Yoga helps in strengthening the muscles of the legs and thus helps in taking off quite a good amount of stress from the spine. It is actually a mix of different postures and breathing techniques aimed towards correcting the shape of the spine. Trying certain yoga postures might be painful initially until the body completely adjusts to the postures. The pain subsides eventually and helps the sufferer in getting long time relief from scoliosis pain. Some of the simplest of yoga postures that can help you in getting the shape of your spine back and will also help you in getting rid of scoliosis are as follows:Warrior Pose or Veerbhadrasana


Very true to its name, this pose brings in grace, peace and courage to the human body. This pose improves the body balance, enhances stamina and strengthens the lower portion of the back. It helps you get a very strong back which is of good help in treating scoliosis.Triangle Pose or Trikonasana


It is a kind of standing pose that helps in stretching the spine and at the same time it increases physical and mental equilibrium. This pose also helps in reducing back pain and stress allowing the pain to subside gradually.Cat Pose or Marjariasana


You need to use both your hands and your legs for doing this pose. Cat pose helps in increasing the flexibility of the spine, relaxes the body and the mind, improves the circulation of blood within the body and is considered one of the best yoga poses for treating scoliosis.Child Pose or Shishuasana


This is a sitting pose that lightens the back and even soothes the nervous system. This pose is just perfect for people suffering from scoliosis due to neuromuscular condition.Seated Forward Bend or Paschimottanasana


It is a pose that relieves stress by stretching the lower back. This pose also helps in reducing fatigue and anxiety and in calming the mind.Downward Facing Dog Pose or Adho Mukha Svanasana


This yoga pose helps in bringing good strength through the human body by lengthening the spine. The strength is brought to the legs, shoulders, feet and the arms. By doing this pose, the entire body weight can easily be distributed better to the legs which helps in taking off stress from the spine.Bridge Pose or Setu Bandhasana


This yoga posture strengthens and stretches the back muscles and the spine. It also helps in reducing stress and anxiety and calms down the brain.Recent PostsCategoriesTagsHow To Get Rid Of ScoliosisScoliosis YogasYoga For Scoliosis© 2016 Yoga For Scoliosis. All Right Reserved.

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The sideways curve of the spine, or scoliosis, may cause pain back. With the majority of physicians considering that operation is the lone way to decrease the curve the medical profession has fought to get a successful therapy for such a pain. Afterward, you might be left with pain drug to hide your signs and make the the reasons neglected should you be reluctant to get surgery.


Luckily, you can find conventional treatments that not just alleviate the pain of scoliosis but really decrease the curve at the same time.


It Hurts


While no symptoms are experienced by some people who have scoliosis, others might encounter back-pain, neck pain, head aches, some difficulties walking and standing for extended spans of time, reproductive disorder and difficulty breathing. The outward symptoms depend mainly on your behaviours and degree of curve, but in addition on the place. In case your face is off-center hip or or one-shoulder is greater compared to other, you could have scoliosis.


Some are handled with operation and brace in adolescence to cut back the spinal curve, while the others move neglected. Grown-ups who encounter discomfort that is scoliosis may possibly sense it entirely from spinal disks, muscles or both. The muscles of the back make an effort to take back the backbone back in position for them to go back to their regular length and stress. These muscles are always over worked, attempting to to guide the torso with no steady back to assist. The disks of a bent back additionally get uneven packing, which may cause herniation and bulging. These disk difficulties in many cases are related to neural impingement, creating not dull, touring discomfort.


Grown-ups could have scoliosis from arrival, or might obtain it due to degenerative joint disease (if 1 side of the backbone joints degrade quicker than those on another side). People who get it may have added pain as a result of rubbing and joint irritation.


Organic Treatments


She or he might be incorrect, in case your physician lets you know that your only choice is surgery. Discomfort that was scoliosis was demonstrated to fall with physiotherapy and chiropractic care. While physiotherapy is prescribed by several physicians within a pain-management technique for for scoliosis, joining it by other remedies isn’t necessarily considered. To what many appear to believe contrary, these remedies have shown their skills to cut back backache in addition to spinal curve.


Physiotherapy is not ineffective for discomfort that is scoliosis when it targets the rest of constantly- postural re-training and pulled muscles. Yoga, by way of example, might not be unhelpful. Boost neural function and chiropractic healthcare is distributed to bring back position. Perhaps you are offered at the same time, which extend the spinal column and its own surrounding structures to grip remedies and improve disk area. A good example of a scoliosis therapy program could be observed here:


As with several types of alternative medicine, studies to the nonsurgical therapy of scoliotic curve are modest and few. On the other hand, the studies that are present offer proof that is convincing to us that operation isn’t the response that is sole. Research of 19 people revealed grip spinal adjustment and muscle function to dramatically lessen spinal curve after 4-6 months. More with this are available at 2.


There really are several reasons to prevent price operation, healing period, invasiveness, danger of failure as well as a curvature that slowly results over recent years. Speak with your physician about a referral to your chiropractor with experience managing people who have scoliosis. Keep in touch with a physiotherapist about position that is teaching and restoring equilibrium. There are methods to ease your pain.


Safe options for pain-management options exist. Teach yourself in choice remedies for back-pain management. Please ask questions, provide stories or opinions related to the post entry seeing back-pain direction.Recent PostsCategoriesTagsHow To Get Rid Of ScoliosisScoliosis YogasYoga For Scoliosis© 2016 Yoga For Scoliosis. All Right Reserved.

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The main purpose of yoga, is not be to straighten the back. People should learn to accept them as they are, not to be denying them or judging them.
People should be working to be able to understand our backs with sensitivity. Yoga for scoliosis is about healing is much more than straightening the back, or trying to cure any diseases. The main point is, also to learn how to love and nurture ourselves.Scoliosis: what is it?


Scoliosis can create a spinal deformity and a rib displacement. In some case scoliosis can also twists the shoulders and hips, shifting the body’s center of gravity. The word “scoliosis” means «skol» in Greek, meaning twists and turns.
In most of the case the principal symptoms are cosmetic, back pain and in most severe case it can cause some cardiopulmonary complications.
The spine forms an S curve, or reversed S in the back, and sometimes the back of the spine can rotates toward the concave side of the S, twisting the rib cage and making the sides of the back uneven.The different major form of scoliosis you can find


First of all, in a right thoracic scoliosis the major point of the scoliosis is concentrated in the mid-back region, and the spine curves to the right.
Second case: in a left lumbar scoliosis, the major point of the curve is to the left and is concentrated in the lower back region.
Third case: for different type of scoliosis is the right thoraco-lumbar, where the major point of the curve is to the right in the thoracic and lumbar region.
At last, the type of curvature is the right thoracic-left lumbar combined curve, where the major point of the curve is to the right in the thoracic region, with an equal counter curve to the left in the lumbar region.The different scoliosis: structural and Functional


A scoliosis can be structural or functional, but the structural variety is more serious and it can develops as a result of unequal growth of the two sides of the vertebral bodies. Most of the time it appears during adolescence, what cause it, is not very much understood.
On the orther side, functional scoliosis only affects the back muscles and does not structurally cause modifications to the body. Poor posture or repeated unbalanced activity are the most causes known. For example carrying books on one side of the body/back.
Functional scoliosis is much more common than structural scoliosis. It is much less noticeable since the degree of curvature is less, and almost always reversible.Recent PostsCategoriesTagsHow To Get Rid Of ScoliosisScoliosis YogasYoga For Scoliosis© 2016 Yoga For Scoliosis. All Right Reserved.

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My symptoms are: Extremely painful to walk, rashes, blood in urine, Anemia (had to get iron infusions), headaches, extreme fatigue, ect. I seen a doctor who did some x-rays, blood work & a physical exam. She recently called me & told me from my lab results came back & said i have either Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or RheumatoidArthritis. She said my blood work showed alot of abnormalities & even infection. She wanted me to start on a steroid right away. She put me on (10 mg pills of Prednisone) for 10 days until my follow up with a Rheumatologist. Okay my question: What is Lupus & RheumatoidArthritis?
Are these 2 illnesses simular? She will be calling me back within 5 days with the other test results. Has anyone personally experienced this? She said my illness is treatable but not cureable. I’m still pretty young & this is a shock to me & i’m having a hard time dealing with not knowing what i’m dealing with i guess my new doctor will be able to answer alot of questions later.
Thanks for the advice i will go look there.Paul John answers:


Lupus and RA are autoimmune diseases, that is when your immune system attacks your own cells.
These two diseases overlap in some people, so don’t focus so much on an absolute diagnosis.


I am sorry that you have this problem. It sucks. Try to take the steroids as little as possible because, although it may help you feel better, it has lots of side effects over time.


Looking back over your symptoms, it sounds like you have something else going on too. Doctors do not know what causes the outbreak or auto-immune diseases. It can be stress, chemical exposure, diet or most commonly, something you can never identify.
Make sure you get good sleep. Eat a super healthy diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits.


My Mom had RA. I have friends with lupus and related illnesses. Don’t give up hope. There are so many advances in the treatment of these diseases.


Here are a couple of links on auto-immune disease:


Maria asks…Rheumatoid Arthritis or something else?


I’m 20 years old, pretty athletic, I’ve been tested for RA 3 times, the first time I was 13 because I started getting joint pain and inflammation and have uveitis in my eyes, they took 7 tubes of blood from me, they tested for all kinds of autoimmune diseases and all of them came back negative, In April I got tested again because I had progressively worsening symptoms. The rheumatoid factor came back normal again. I’m so frustrated, I just want to know what is wrong with me, I have every single symptom of RA, including the pain, stiffness, swelling, joint discoloration/warmth, weakness, joint rash, fatigue, and severe aches when I get a fever. These symptoms affect almost every joint in my body. It even runs in my family, my mom has had it since she was 12 years old. Even in the cold weather my joints will stiffen up and in the heat they will swell up.


Any idea what it could be??Paul John answers:


RA isn’t easy to diagnose. There are some people who have RA and have no positive blood tests at all. It’s especially common in children with JRA to have negative blood work.


Have you seen a rheumatologist? If you haven’t, then you should. A good rheumatologist will take note of your symptoms and then look at x-rays and blood tests.


Have you had x-rays? And do you have a copy of your blood test results? Have you had an ENA panel done? And have you have your ESR and CRP done? Or anti-CCP?


There are many things that can cause these symptoms, and usually it’s just a matter of exclusion. It sounds like you’ve been dealing with this for a long time and your symptoms seem to match up with RA, and you have a family history. But no one on here is a rheumatologist or able to diagnose you. Approximately 30% of people with RA don’t have a positive rheumatoid factor (seronegative rheumatoid arthritis). I’m in a similar boat (I’m 21 years old and had bouts of synovitis when I was a child), but I’ve had a few positive blood tests and the symptoms. I’m currently seeing a rheumatologist. My GP put me on Prednisone which helped so much. I went back to my GP and told her I felt amazing and she said “well if you feel better on Prednisone, it’s a huge indicator that you have some sort of autoimmune inflammatory arthritis”. But don’t go on Prednisone until you’ve seen the rheumatologist! It masks your symptoms and you’ll have a rheumatologist who gets angry with you (just like mine did!)


Go back to your doctor and ask for a copy of all your blood tests and a referral to a rheumatologist. When your joints swell or look different, you should definitely take photos of them. Take these photos with you to the doctor. The best day I’d had in the past 10 months was the day of my rheumatology appointment! I had no swelling (thanks to the Prednisone) and the rheumatologist got annoyed with me.


Anyway, good luck. I hope you get some answers!




Chris asks…juvenile rheumatoid arthritis?


In February of 2007 i was 14 years old and i suddenly got juvenile rheumatoidarthritis. For about a year i the symptoms were really bad. than they got better and better until they nearly didn’t bother me anymore or even phased me. Now 17 and from time to time i still get a bit of the rashes and very rarely my joints start to hurt but it goes away the next day. I know its not “gone” but will it ever? am i going to have it for the rest of my life? will it get even worse again when i get older?Paul John answers:


If treated properly symptoms can go away and for quite a lot not return even in old age. However it needs to be treated correctly and so I would recommend going to see a doctor and being admitted to a specialist preferably the rheumatologist you had when you were younger as they would know your condition.


Sandy asks…anyone diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, suspect it may actually be lyme disease?


i live in south florida. where you can find a tick on any animal that isnt protected by a pest collar or frontline, advantix etc. a little over 2 years ago despite countless hundreds spent on lawn repellant and animal products i had quite a tick infestation after they plowed down the field next to my home. my grandmother got bit by a few ticks and started developing symptoms: the bulls eye rash (at the sight of the tick bite), flue like symptoms. then she started with the joint pain, a 75% blocked artery fatigue and some nervous system problems… i understand she’s older, and i understand alot of these symptoms spell out RA, but we really think its Lyme disease poisoning, and the doctos she’s gone to refuse to believe it and don’t want to test… anyone else had this problem??Paul John answers:


Lyme disease is very often misdiagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis.


Although a bull’s eye rash, or even knowledge of a tick bite (they can be very small) is not required to be diagnosed with Lyme disease, the bull’s eye rash means 100% that she has Lyme.


Unfortunately, it is extremely common for doctors to refuse to diagnose Lyme disease, even in a very obvious case like your grandmother’s.


Here are some websites for more information.