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The main purpose of yoga, is not be to straighten the back. People should learn to accept them as they are, not to be denying them or judging them.
People should be working to be able to understand our backs with sensitivity. Yoga for scoliosis is about healing is much more than straightening the back, or trying to cure any diseases. The main point is, also to learn how to love and nurture ourselves.Scoliosis: what is it?


Scoliosis can create a spinal deformity and a rib displacement. In some case scoliosis can also twists the shoulders and hips, shifting the body’s center of gravity. The word “scoliosis” means «skol» in Greek, meaning twists and turns.
In most of the case the principal symptoms are cosmetic, back pain and in most severe case it can cause some cardiopulmonary complications.
The spine forms an S curve, or reversed S in the back, and sometimes the back of the spine can rotates toward the concave side of the S, twisting the rib cage and making the sides of the back uneven.The different major form of scoliosis you can find


First of all, in a right thoracic scoliosis the major point of the scoliosis is concentrated in the mid-back region, and the spine curves to the right.
Second case: in a left lumbar scoliosis, the major point of the curve is to the left and is concentrated in the lower back region.
Third case: for different type of scoliosis is the right thoraco-lumbar, where the major point of the curve is to the right in the thoracic and lumbar region.
At last, the type of curvature is the right thoracic-left lumbar combined curve, where the major point of the curve is to the right in the thoracic region, with an equal counter curve to the left in the lumbar region.The different scoliosis: structural and Functional


A scoliosis can be structural or functional, but the structural variety is more serious and it can develops as a result of unequal growth of the two sides of the vertebral bodies. Most of the time it appears during adolescence, what cause it, is not very much understood.
On the orther side, functional scoliosis only affects the back muscles and does not structurally cause modifications to the body. Poor posture or repeated unbalanced activity are the most causes known. For example carrying books on one side of the body/back.
Functional scoliosis is much more common than structural scoliosis. It is much less noticeable since the degree of curvature is less, and almost always reversible.Recent PostsCategoriesTagsHow To Get Rid Of ScoliosisScoliosis YogasYoga For Scoliosis© 2016 Yoga For Scoliosis. All Right Reserved.