Mens hair restoration products

Bald Spots

God created a few perfect heads, and upon the rest he put hair. I crack up every time I hear someone say that, and I have to admit it is pretty clever. You will notice that most people with bald spots are either very accepting or completely desperate to cover them up. Some people are proud of their head no matter how much hair they have, and they have fun with it. Others aren’t quite ready to part with the look for full hair, and they try to hide the fact they are growing bald spots.

You can almost always tell when someone has bald spots by the way they wear their hair. My brother starting getting bald spots around his temples when he was eighteen and he was mortified. He wore his hair long for a great number of years to hide his receding hairline. After he got tired of long hair, he simply shaved it off. If he kept it shaved right down to the scalp, you couldn’t tell if he was receding or not, but he was certainly bald! He now waffles between accepting and covering up his lack of hair.


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A lot of men get bald spots at a young age, and it is understandably something that might be hard to come to terms with. The image of the sexy man is always one with a full head of hair, and many men feel if they don’t have this, they are lacking in the looks department. This isn’t really true, but that doesn’t stop them from loathing their bald spots. They may try shampoos, treatments, implants or even toupees to try to hide their condition. Some of these things work, but for the most part, don’t waste your money unless you know it will work.

Later in life, a man becomes more comfortable with their bald spots, and this often helps free their spirit. If someone is comfortable with who they are, then they are a happy and confident person. There is something about confidence and a kind nature that erases any physical flaws a man may have. Sure, women love hair, but they love a man who is confident in himself, and one who treats her well. The hair ends up being a non-issue. If you run into a woman who won’t date you because of your bald spots, rest assured she isn’t the woman for you anyway.